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Travel Agents and Friends 

Travel agents are our partners in offering a great travel experience to our customers.

We understand how big a role you guys play in our day to day life. As a thank you, we offer a 15% percent commission instead of the average 5-9 percent. 

We provide transportation for groups up to 6 per car to the North and West Entrances of Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding areas.

We are thankful for the travel agents who have trusted us with their clients. We value our relationship with our travel agents and look forward to continuing our partnership.

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Travel Professionals q&A

We have clearance to pick up/drop of at BZN International Airport, anywhere in Yellowstone National Park as well as the surrounding areas. Our services transport from:


Big Sky

West Yellowstone



Do you offer anything that is    


Yes. Our Bozeman to Bozeman transportation is non-commissionable. Everything else we offer is commissionable at 15%.

When do we get paid?

 Travel agent payments are paid out on a calendar month basis. You will receive payment once a month.


How do I validate my bookings?

 To ensure that all bookings are verified, we require that you send a copy of all reservations booked to Please make sure to include a confirmation number in your email. 

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What if the guest cancels? Do I still get paid?

If a guest cancels the ride, you will still be paid commission for the ticket sold.  Depending on the terms and conditions of the tour, the guest may be entitled to a  partial refund. Refunds will be made directly to the card on file and will not affect the commission paid to you.


How many people fit per ride?

The largest group that we can accommodate is 12.  Each car can hold up to six people so after six, another car will need to be booked. 


Can the Guest book rides to/from Yellowstone? The Airport? 

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